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Payment Arrangements We understand that you may have questions about payments for some of your completed orders. While payment arrangements are rare, they are sometimes needed to ensure that deadlines are met and high quality files are delivered. If you ever have questions about order payment, you can contact the editorial department or your writer’s representative. Thanks again for your feedback on the role of Ultius Independent Writing.

Finally, you showed that you do not know what our internal editors do. Ultius editors are a valuable asset to the company, ensuring that all sketches comply with the standard before being delivered to clients. If you would like to discuss any details from this review or our response, we invite you to contact our Human Resources manager. This company really cares about their writers. I have been working with them as a freelance writer for several years and I have been working as a part time salary writer for about a year..

Based on the information you provided in your review, we would like to highlight some merits. Good Tasks Ultius Vision is to be a reliable provider of content solutions for individuals, businesses and organizations worldwide. This means we entrust our contributors with some sophisticated but also rewarding opportunities to create original content. We are pleased to see that you found that the written works available in our company were of high personal value..

Paying for writers is great, especially over time as you learn to fill out orders faster. It really improved my writing skills and made me learn things I would never have done otherwise…

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Flexibility We are proud to offer our Chartered Writers the opportunity to generate revenue in their spare time. Great to hear that you have taken advantage of the flexibility of an independent writing role.!

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Sorry you had a general negative impression of Ultius because of what you spent on the team. We would like to take the time to review the content of your review. You note that, in your opinion, wages can not be considered permanent income. Since our writers are freelance contractors, we do not guarantee that a certain amount of work will be available at any given time. You have also noticed an issue of ethics in our service and we want to address it directly. Ultius is a platform that connects freelance writers and clients seeking personalized content. Our clients are prohibited from using the sample content they receive for an academic loan and this is stated in our legal documents..

We will use the information you provide to improve our writer ecosystem and provide a positive experience for any writer. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review. Honestly communicating the experience that Ultius offers contractors is the best way to improve that experience…

So I think payment, the freedom to choose from many different orders (after you have completed your first 20 orders) and the freedom to take optional vacations are some of the positives. In my experience, the editors, interviewers, and administrative support team are honest and respectful. This job is a great addition to your resume if you have just finished college and need more professional writing experience. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review based on your experience as a Ultius freelance writer. Sorry your overall impression is negative..


I read a lot of positives about working at Ultius from writers, but these writers have worked for the company as freelance writers for at least six months. Paying for the work that writers do is certainly fair. Paying by the hour would be even better, but paying is by no means a problem for me.

The variety of works creates a challenging but tempting atmosphere. As a freelancer, you can get a job whenever you are offered one, so your workload is never too heavy if you do not want to. It’s a little different for the contract author, but the editors and support staff are always very helpful and understanding. While they value customer service and customer satisfaction, they do not sacrifice the authors’ subjectivity or discretion. While discounts are made on a case-by-case basis, with a review process and a large number of authors, everything can be transferred securely, although this is avoided when possible. I’m a little annoyed at this point because young writers have not even been given a chance to prove themselves..